10 Sifat Perempuan Sholehah

Perempuan sholehah memiliki sifat-sifat mulia yang menjadikannya teladan yang diidamkan oleh banyak orang. Sifat-sifat tersebut antara lain: taqwa, sabar, rendah hati, pemurah, cerdas, rajin beribadah, menghormati suami, mencintai anak-anak dan keluarga, menjaga diri dari hal yang haram, dan senantiasa bersikap positif. Ini dia sepuluh sifat perempuan sholehah yang patut menjadi inspirasi bagi setiap wanita.


Perempuan sholehah, or pious women, are highly regarded in Islam. These women possess certain qualities that set them apart from the rest. They are devoted to their faith, family, and community. In this article, we will discuss 10 sifat perempuan sholehah or traits of pious women in Indonesian.

1. Taqwa

Taqwa is an Islamic term that refers to consciousness and fear of Allah. It is the foundation of piety, and one of the most important traits of a perempuan sholehah. A pious woman is always aware of her actions and strives to please Allah in everything she does.

2. Sabar

Sabar means patient in Indonesian. A perempuan sholehah possesses the virtue of patience. She is steadfast and does not lose hope in the face of adversity. She understands that trials and challenges are part of life, and trust in Allah to guide her through them.

3. Tawakkal

Tawakkal is an Arabic term that means trust in Allah. A perempuan sholehah trusts in Allah’s plan and knows that He will provide for her needs. She does not worry about the future, but rather focuses on the present and serves Allah to the best of her ability.

4. Taubah

Taubah or repentance is a vital trait of perempuan sholehah. A pious woman acknowledges her mistakes and seeks forgiveness from Allah. She knows that repentance is a continuous process, and she strives to improve herself every day.

5. Ihsan

Ihsan or excellence is the practice of doing everything with sincerity and excellence. A perempuan sholehah performs her religious obligations with ihsan, recognizing that every action she takes is an act of worship. She also shows excellence in her relationships with family, friends, and the community.

6. Akhlak Mulia

Akhlak mulia, or good manners, is an essential trait of perempuan sholehah. She speaks and acts with kindness, compassion, and respect. She possesses the manners and etiquette of a true believer.

7. Husnuzhon

Husnuzhon or thinking positively is a characteristic of perempuan sholehah. She always sees the good in others and avoids jumping to conclusions. She approaches others with kindness and understanding.

8. Sholat

Sholat or prayer is a fundamental practice of Islam. A perempuan sholehah performs her sholat on time and is diligent in her worship. She understands the importance of sholat and how it strengthens her connection with Allah.

9. Sabdah

Sabdah or silence is also a trait of perempuan sholehah. She knows when to speak and when to remain silent. She speaks with wisdom and kindness, and she does not engage in gossip or slander.

10. Berilmu

Berilmu, or knowledge-seeking, is a crucial trait of perempuan sholehah. She is constantly seeking knowledge and understanding of her religion. She attends classes, reads books, and listens to lectures to increase her understanding of Islam.


Perempuan sholehah possess the above traits and many more. They are role models for others in their family and community. These women understand the importance of fulfilling their obligations to Allah, their families, and their community. With these traits, a perempuan sholehah can bring peace, harmony, and blessings to her life and those around her.

“Kepada para perempuan sholehah yang gigih dan berjiwa bisnis, mari bergabunglah dengan kami dan menjadikan bisnis pulsa sebagai salah satu ladang amal yang dapat membantu memperbaiki kondisi sosial sekitar kita. Dengan sifat-sifat seperti kejujuran, tekun, dan bertanggung jawab yang dimiliki oleh perempuan sholehah, kita dapat memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik dan melayani pelanggan dengan sepenuh hati. Jadilah bagian dari bisnis pulsa yang memberikan manfaat untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain, dan jangan lupa selalu berusaha untuk menjaga kesucian hati dan niat dalam berbisnis.”

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